Grapes cultivated in the Ginosa area reach their perfect maturation thanks to the climate of the valley below: fresh during the vegetation season, and affected by siroccos and by the close Ionian breezes. Wines produced by the Winery Domenico Russo, which have been meeting with considerable success by experts who appreciate its absolute natural method production, are the result of the passionate work of the Russo family as well as of the extraordinary natural conditions of the territory.

The varieties which stand out among several others are the native Primitivo and Malvasia, white and red, and the allochthonous Sangiovese and Chardonnay. These varieties, after an accurate selection and thanks to the vinification process based upon the most up-to-date wine-making techniques, give life to great wines which are distinguished by their considerable originality and temper: MAGLIOLO primitivo doc Taranto ionian hills, GENOSE primitivo passito igp Salento, MARRATE primitivo igp Salento, VERDIANO white malvasia igp Apulia, GOCCE DI PERLE white sparkling igp Salento , CESINE red igp Apulia.

The company has always developed a production philosophy that not only covers its place of origin, but at the same time also reaches different foreign markets. Because of its location in a ground which comes out to be favorable enough both for grapes and for olive, the company also proposes to its customers an excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Our Wines

The wines produced by the winery