The area


From the green hills to the beaches

the magic of a land


The view you can admire from the Winery moves from the ravine to the sea, from the plains to the hills, extends till the Murgia and come to an end with the zone Casale, a 3 km cleft in the calcareous rock surrounding all the old town of Ginosa.

It is in these natural fields, inside this fabulous area, that “promiscuous cultivations” still survive: grasses, cornfields, spread olive groves and vineyards alternate each other into small plots of land planted with garden products.

The Apulia region hides great landscape treasures, and a cultural and traditional wealth that deserve to be discovered and appreciated. It lays down along the Ionian shores made up of golden sand, against a green hill background: a landscape made unique by its several natural views and of course by its numerous vineyards.