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Cantine Domenico Russo


The Winery Domenico Russo is a wine-growing and producing company born in 1998 in the countryside around Ginosa in the district of Taranto near the region Basilicata and very close (only 22km) to Matera.

It is located into an ideal framework for wine production because of its mild weather, of its hill morphology and of its proximity of the Ionian Sea. The winery, bordered all around by verdant hill fields, is immersed in the most total stillness, is surrounded by several olive trees and is made up of a huge espalier vineyard strictly cultivated organically.

It produces first-class wines thanks to the family passion for the vineyard and to their deep respect for plants and for the ground. The Russo family supervises the whole production and transformation process of the grapes, from growing to bottling.